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Our FLAG SHIP SELECTION is a rotation of the rare and exquisite coffees that this world has to offer. Due to limited supply, the FLAG SHIP SELECTION of coffees will only be offered in 4oz variants. The price will fluctuate in relation to the featured coffee.

Offering: Ecuador Anaerobic Washed Typica 

Origin: Loja, Ecuador

Producer: Juan Peña

Farm: Hacienda La Papaya 

About the Coffee:

This coffee, crafted by Juan Peña at Hacienda La Papaya in Loja, Ecuador, undergoes an experimental anaerobic fermentation and meticulous washing process. The resulting flavor profile is intricate and dynamic, featuring hints of strawberry, black tea, milk chocolate, and lavender.

Discover a delightful harmony between strawberry and black tea notes, complemented by the robust presence of grape, milk chocolate, and a medley of berry-related flavors such as blackberry, strawberry, and raspberry. This coffee exhibits a lively and intricate character, boasting playful flavors that cater to a diverse range of brewing applications. The utilization of an extended anaerobic fermentation technique imparts a spectrum of ripe fruit flavors typically associated with dry processed or natural coffees, those dried in the whole cherry without a formal fermentation stage. It's worth noting that this coffee, despite being pulped, fermented, and washed in the manner of a traditional washed coffee, showcases the extensive range of flavor possibilities achievable through the expertise of a skilled grower and processor.  

Typica is a variety of the Arabica species of coffee. Typica holds the distinction of being the world's inaugural global coffee cultivar.

About the Farmer:

Juan Peña has established a commendable reputation for producing outstanding coffees, evident in his three "Sprudge" Notable Producer awards, a degree in agronomy, and a collaborative research and development agreement with Cuenca's University. His coffees are consistently featured on global competition stages, and Hacienda La Papaya has achieved consecutive top-three placements in brewers, baristas, and/or roasters championships within the US circuit since 2016.

Although Hacienda La Papaya spans just 28 acres, its strategic location, benefiting from high elevation and favorable microclimates, contributes to its success. Situated 20km away from Saraguro toward the Andes, the project initiated in 2009 with planting in 2010. More than a decade later, the farm employs seven permanent workers, supplemented by an additional 40 seasonal workers during peak harvest. Many of these workers, facing limited formal employment opportunities in the rural agricultural zone, rely on the farm to support their families.

Peña's commitment to research has played a pivotal role in unlocking the potential for quality through various coffee varieties and processing methods. The showcased lot exemplifies the meticulous selection of the Typica variety. Following a careful harvest and cherry selection process, the cherries undergo pulping and are then moved to polyethylene tanks, where they ferment for up to 100 hours under strict temperature controls. Subsequently, the coffee is transferred to raised beds for a drying period of up to 30 days. Finally, the processed coffee is entrusted to CaféExporto, which provides essential logistical support for tasks such as warehousing and preparing the coffee for export to the international market.

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