Welcome to Sailor's Brew Coffee... where philosophy and coffee collide. 

Life is a challenge, especially when you aim to explore the deepest depths in existence...yourself. The journey of self-actualization is not for the faint or weak hearted. It's daring, exhausting plus some, but worth every moment. 

We aspire to inspire people, hoping to aid those that dare to seek out worthwhile goals in life. Our brand stands to stimulate positive actions preceded by conscious thought, focusing on intention rather than drifting.

We must know where we are headed mentally before we can follow through physically.

Our philosophy is simply this: Sail against the tides of mediocracy and complacency in order to develop yourself into the best version of you. Be brave and have confidence in self as you pursue meaningful goals that impact you and others. Understand that the true value of going after these worthwhile goals is found in the experience from the journey, not in the accomplishment of the goal. 

So why coffee? This is a commonly asked question. Well for centuries, coffee has stimulated thoughts and ideas wether relating to philosophy, personal discussions or revolutionary changes. And to this day, coffee remains the center of discussions and gatherings, formal or informal. There's something to be said about coffee, thats unique, historical and comforting. 

Sailor's Brew Coffee... we pair thought provoking philosophy and ideas with the world's best specialty coffees.