Brewing coffee offers basic guidelines to elevate your brewing skills to an enjoyable art form. The ultimate aim? To perfect a cup that exactly matches your personal taste. You hold the power to tailor your brew to fit your current mood seamlessly.

Craving a bold, robust cup with a dense mouthfeel and a caffeine boost? Or perhaps a delicate, tea-like brew? Adjust your brewing technique accordingly.

Think of coffee brewing as a delicate dance between water and coffee grounds. The ratio of these two components is key—more grounds for a stronger brew, more water for a lighter one. Master this balance to craft your ideal cup every time.




When brewing coffee—whether it’s a pour-over, French press, or a drip pot—understanding the coffee-to-water ratio is crucial. Using a food scale can help you achieve precise measurements, ensuring a balanced cup every time.

For pour-over coffee, a 14:1 water-to-coffee ratio is recommended. Start with 22 grams of coffee, roughly 4 tablespoons, and pair it with 308 grams of water heated to 195-200 degrees Fahrenheit. This combination should yield a robust 8-10oz cup. The grind size matters too; aim for a medium grind that resembles the texture of sandbox sand.

If the brew tastes too strong, simply adjust by increasing the water ratio to 15 or 16. This flexibility allows you to fine-tune your coffee to your personal preference.



For the French Press method, we suggest a 13:1 water-to-coffee ratio. Use 25 grams of coffee with 325 grams of water. The grind should be coarse, akin to the texture of table salt, to ensure optimal extraction and prevent over-extraction which can make your coffee bitter.

Automatic drip machines, or batch coffee pot makers, can be trickier to perfect due to variables like filter size. It's important to note how much coffee you use and adjust based on your taste preferences. However, we generally do not recommend this method for brewing our coffee, as it may not provide the best representation of the experience we aim to deliver.

This is just the beginning of mastering the art of coffee brewing. Stay tuned for comprehensive guides and detailed techniques to elevate your coffee game.