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Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee

Introducing our Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee: a pinnacle of coffee craftsmanship that stands as an unrivaled testament to the dedication of the farmers from the Flamstead Estate and the uniqueness of this extraordinary region. For those with an uncompromising taste for excellence, this coffee is a symphony of unparalleled flavors, meticulously curated to defy replication.

Hailing exclusively from the legendary Blue Mountains of Jamaica, this coffee embodies rarity, cultivated at altitudes that defy the ordinary, soaring up to 7,402 feet. The interplay of these lofty heights, volcanic soil teeming with nutrients, and a microclimate of supreme perfection coaxes the beans to produce a flavor profile that defies imitation.

Upon your first sip, Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee reveals itself as a true masterpiece. Silky-smooth and full-bodied, it unveils intricate layers of dark chocolate notes, gracefully partnered with a delicate, radiant acidity that carries whispers of fruitiness. The aroma that envelops you is a mere prelude to the symphony of flavors that will dance across your palate, making every sip a journey into the heart of coffee perfection.

Our commitment to quality spans every facet of the journey, from the skilled hands that handpick the cherries to the meticulous roasting process, artfully bringing forth the inherent brilliance of each bean. The roasting process, a closely guarded secret, harmonizes the flavors into a medium-bodied sensation that is not just rich but sublimely smooth.

Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee is not just a beverage; it's an unrivaled experience, a testament to the unyielding commitment invested in producing the world's most coveted coffee. Elevate your mornings, infuse sophistication into your evenings, and share the joy with fellow aficionados who recognize that genuine luxury is to be discovered in each and every sip.

Delve into the world of Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee, where every aspect of its cultivation and creation remains an unattainable benchmark for others to replicate. It's the ultimate expression of coffee excellence, an experience that transcends imitation and redefines what's possible in a cup.

Coffee Profile 

16 ounces (1 LB) & 4 ounces (1/4 LB)

Grower:  Flamstead Estate

Altitude: 1,005 meters above sea level

Process: Fully washed

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