Ethiopian Yirgacheffe | Grade 1 | Single Origin | Medium Roast


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Ethiopian Yirgacheffe

Elevate your coffee experience with our North Star roast, Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Coffee, a masterpiece of nature and craftsmanship. Grown in the renowned coffee-producing region of Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia, this high-end specialty coffee is a revelation of flavor and aroma for discerning coffee connoisseurs.

Tasting Notes:

  • Fragrance: Jasmine and Honeysuckle
  • Flavor: Ripe Peach and Pineapple
  • Complexity: Bergamot and Tea-like nuances
  • Finish: Clean and Memorable

Craftsmanship: We meticulously source and roast our Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Coffee in small batches to perfection, highlighting its distinct characteristics. Every bean is a testament to the dedication and passion of our team and the generations of farmers who have cultivated it.

Ethical and Sustainable: Our commitment to ethical and sustainable practices means you're not just enjoying exceptional coffee but also supporting fair compensation for farmers and environmentally responsible cultivation methods.

Experience the Exceptional: Indulge in the extraordinary with our Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Coffee. Whether you prefer pour-over, espresso, or French press, this high-end specialty coffee promises a sensory journey that will elevate your coffee-drinking ritual to an art form.

Add a touch of Ethiopia to your cup - Order now and savor the essence of excellence in every sip.


Grower: 396 small farmers that are organized around the Banko Chelchele washing station.

 Origin: Ethiopia

Altitude: 1900-2100 meters above sea level 

Process: Fully washed and dried on raised beds.

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