Ethiopian Sidamo

Ethiopian Sidamo coffee is grown in the Sidama region of Ethiopia. The Sidama region is named after the Sidama people. The Sidama region was trademarked by the Ethiopian government in 2004, as an effort to bring more awareness to their distinct coffees. In the coffee industry, coffees from this region can be referred as Sidama or Sidamo. 

Grown between 0.81 and 1.12 Nautical Miles above sea level.
Process: Washed
Harvest: October-January 
Varieties: Heirloom Varieties 

Flavor Profile: The pleasant aroma of a slight woody and floral scent  meets you prior to stepping into an ocean of lemon, sugar cane and berries. Notes of chocolate can also flow amongst a medium bodied wave, that has a winey acidity. 

Food pairings: Due to its natural fruity flavor, pairing Sidamo coffee with a fruit pastry or pie (peach cobbler) makes for a delicious coffee break. For breakfast, enjoy a cup of Sidamo with oatmeal, preferably topped with raisins or berries. 


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